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Welcome to Fiction Faux Pas

Hello all, and welcome to Fiction Faux Pas. Here, I’ll be reviewing books that I consider to be badly written in general, have poor character development, lack on a or some other glaring flaw. No book is perfect, so I don’t intend to pick apart every book someone takes issue with because of its hype (ex. Hunger Games or Harry Potter). If you want to see me pick apart a book that much you can visit the nitpicks page on this website.

I will also be doing a character breakdown on major and secondary characters in the book. If there are any flaws or missed opportunities in character development, I will be discussing them there.

I am going review books that arguably shouldn’t have been published at all, or at the very least needed serious revising before going to print. I have a list of some of my own I will be starting with, but suggestions are always welcome. You can send suggestions for bad books to

My rating scale:

In my opinion there is no worse sin a book can commit than being forgettable. Many bad books, while still terrible, are very memorable. Some books I have encountered are so horrendous I cannot forget them. I’ll be grading on two scales. My first is my recommendation. The second will be on how much purple prose I find in the book itself. The scale is a bit arbitrary and ranges from lilac to wine.

Guilty Pleasure: Guilty pleasure is the highest rating I can give a book that I believe is bad. I may or may not like the book myself, but I can see potential in it and understand why some people may enjoy it. Go ahead and buy it if you like it.

Needs improvement: The Needs Improvement rating will be given out when I find the book palatable but in need of some major editing. I may give tips on what could have been done better, or what I would have done in the author’s place. Needs improvement does not mean a book is awful per se, but that it would need to be accepted warts and all if you want to read it. May be worth buying.

WTF were they thinking?: The WTF rating will be given to a book who has nonsensical plot, character or writing choices. If a book receives this rating, it means I couldn’t justify any of the author’s choices to myself or to you. Borrow this book from a friend if you are still interested.

Train Wreck: The train wreck is awful but utterly captivating. Prepare for tirades and swear words during this review. This book is irredeemable without complete restructuring. Use this book as a doorstop or a coaster. I recommend it for anything but reading.

Forgettably bad: Forgettably bad books are the biggest sin in my book. You should be able to remember at least some small detail about a book, its characters or setting even years later or it wasn’t worth reading. Book? What book? There is no book for you.