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The case of the lonely jacket

Alright, so in my read through of Twilight I am beginning to notice small details that I didn’t notice before. With so many other glaring problems, I’ve relegated these things to nitpicks, since they really don’t make any difference to the story as a whole.

In Twilight chapter nine it is mentioned that Bella left her coat in Jessica’s car. She borrows Edward’s until she arrives home. It is brought up again in chapter ten that she’s missing a coat. In chapter nine I understand the need to mention it. It was the only one she had brought to that trip, and the night was cold. It shouldn’t have made any difference in chapter ten.

Only it does. It’s sort of implied that Bella only has one jacket. Why? She mentions early on that she has to supplement her cold weather wardrobe for Forks. There was plenty of time for her to have gotten another jacket in the interim. Has she been so absorbed with Edward that she’s forgotten to get clothes she can wear here?

I’m guessing that Meyer wrote it this way so that Bella has a reason to borrow Edward’s coat. Cause romance tropes damn it.

It doesn’t really matter, it just gives me a hilarious image of Bella sitting in cold classrooms all day, shivering and staring at Edward.

Edit: Okay, she has his jacket from the night before, but still. She lives in the rainiest place on earth, she should have more than one jacket of her own. I don’t live in torrential downpour 24/7 and I own 3-5 jackets. I have an unhealthy love for my jackets. I love my jackets like Bella loves Edward. Against all reason, and sense. I have jackets from middle school that I really ought to throw away or re purpose.


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