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Twilight: Chapter Eleven

They go to Biology where they are watching a film in class. Bella can’t concentrate because Edward is sitting next to her. Bella feels the sudden out of nowhere urge to run her hands all over Edward.

The entire class period can be summed up like this.

Edward drives her home and explains that while hunting, vampires tend to let their senses control them. Like most predators they use their sense of smell to track down prey. He tells her that it would be dangerous to have her near him when he was hunting. Of course this doesn’t trouble Bella in the slightest. It’s only her life after all; she doesn’t think that’s worth much.

Bella lies to Charlie and tells him she plans to spend Saturday in Seattle. Bella doesn’t feel any guilt for this deception, even knowing that Edward is very capable of murdering her on their outing.

Then we enter into what I consider to be one of the most ham handed bits in the book.

“What’s your favorite color?” he asked, his face grave.

            Grave? Really? Is he going to call it off if she answers wrong? That’s it; call off the star-crossed romance, Edward doesn’t like Bella’s favorite color.

Aside from the baffling word choice, this whole thing that Edward does throughout the day and again the next day. It’s as if Meyer suddenly realized; “Oh right, my characters barely know each other but are already declaring love. I guess you really do need to know basic things about your soul mate. Like say, the things you can or cannot agree on like religious views or politics. Not to mention the little tiny things like favorite color and favorite pizza topping.

The absolute absorption on his face, and his never-ending stream of questions, compelled me to continue.

            No one does this. No one sits people down and interrogates them on every insignificant detail about their life. These things come slowly over time and with conversation. It cannot be learned in a day, and be called done. Couples go over these things as they come up. This feels incredibly clumsy, trying to shove it all out of the way to avoid criticism. Which of course, it just invites more.

Meyer is impatient to get to relationship drama that should have absolutely no stakes. Bella and Edward have very little chemistry, no friendship, and no common ground besides being controlling and pretentious. If I wanted to be generous I could say that Bella has something of a trauma bond with Edward considering the things he has rescued her from. Whatever they have, they certainly do not have anything genuine or healthy.

They have another Biology class and it’s exactly what you expect.


Edward drives Bella home, and Bella suddenly remembers, “Oh yeah, I have a father. Maybe I don’t want him to meet my serial killer boyfriend.”

It turns out not to be Charlie heading to the house at first, but Billy and Jacob Black. Edward takes off, but not before Billy gets a glimpse of Edward.

Had Billy recognized Edward so easily? Could he really believe the impossible legends his son scoffed at?

            The answer was clear in Billy’s eyes. Yes. Yes he could.

            Okay Bella, stop scoffing at Billy. You believed the legend. Or at least you put enough stock in it to consider it a possibility. Billy grew up with a father who was presumably a werewolf. He may have even seen him shift. You’d take legends a lot more seriously if you lived up close with a real-life example of the supernatural.

That’s enough for this chapter. Return next week for part two of Bella’s “Wah, adults care about my well-being, what a burden!” series.


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