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How did the Volturi painting come to be?

Alright, back in Twilight: Chapter sixteen we are treated to an abridged version of Carlisle’s history. This painting portrays a sort of drunken festival going on in Volterra.

On the balcony are Aro, Marcus, Caius, and Carlisle, posing for this portrait. I know that Meyer probably didn’t think about this much when she was writing Twilight. I don’t think that the Volturi were intended to be the series big bad while she was writing her first book. As a writer myself, I understand that your plans for characters can evolve. So that’s why this is a nitpick. I don’t think she had her world rules concrete just yet.

That being said, why did the Volturi allow this painting to be made? Edward refers to them as the “nighttime patrons of the arts” in Twilight. Fine, it’s not really unrealistic given the time period and Aro’s propensity to collect things. However, why did they allow this painting specifically?

They’re all quite clearly visible. At this period in time, there were no contact lenses to cover up their bright red eyes. And even assuming that their eyes were black at this point, they’d be thirsty enough that letting a human near was a bad idea.

Not to mention that paintings like this took a long time to finish.They had to invite him back again and again. Either he and this crowd of humans below saw their vivid red eyes, or they constantly put the secrecy of their city in danger by refusing to eat so they could get this damned painting done. It doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

The Volturi throw a fit in New Moon when they find out Bella is in on the secret. It also calls to mind the quote that was said in that book, referring to the humans that were in on their secret in Volterra.

“But when they are no longer useful to us, they will serve to sustain us.”

Soooo….there’s really only a two options left. Either they let they let all involved go, while knowing that they were not human. In which case they are filthy hypocrites. Or they ate the crowd and the painter. I think that second choice is probably more likely.

Carlisle is consistently referred to as being compassionate. Knowing that the Volturi would kill these people , why would he have even posed for the portrait in the first place? This gives the portrait a sort of dark significance in my opinion.

Or hell, maybe I’m wrong and the Volturi painted it for themselves and Carlisle did the vampire equivalent of stealing towels from a hotel when he left Volterra.


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