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Professional Fan Fiction

Today I want to discuss authors who get away with publishing, what is essentially fan fiction. Sometimes literal fan fiction in the case of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Is fan fiction bad? Actually no. I believe fan fiction is an essential step on the road to becoming an author. Fan fiction allows the potential writer a chance to build a creative process, their own style of writing, and a peer group. Fan fiction is a relatively safe environment to begin writing.

It’s very difficult to build a world from the ground up. There are so many choices to make, characters to build, and rules to govern your world. It’s far easier to start in a place of familiarity, like established fandom.

With a few exceptions, most fan fiction is going to be a half-baked idea with characters who are wildly OOC. A lot of fan fic authors will put the story up without revision. Which is fine, since it’s fan fiction, and their reputation as a writer isn’t really under fire.

So no, I don’t think fan fiction is bad, if you’re using it as a tool to become a better writer.However once you take the step and decide to become a serious author you obviously have to leave the world of fan fiction behind you, right?

Well, no. Not according to some authors, and some genres. There are people who make a ludicrous amount of money selling a story that is barely edited, poorly constructed, and with characters who are completely soulless. And then these authors get the idea into their head that because it has sold, it’s literary genius, and they should continue to write.

I’m starting a series of articles to address why I think this phenomenon occurred, and why it really needs to stop.


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