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Devil and the Deep Blue Sea on Hiatus

Sorry all. I’ve been absolutely horrible about updating. I started reviewing Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea months ago. July I think. And now we’ve reached the tail end of October and I’m still in the very beginning of the book.

And its not for lack of trying. I feel like I have to repeat myself over and over, because in all actuality, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is one of the least offensive forms of bad literature. It’s amusingly awful. The bad elements can boomerang back on themselves and become downright laughable. I promise I will revisit this book after awhile, but due to a whole host of personal problems that have cropped up in my life I’m going to put this one on hiatus. I’m moving on to a book I know has thoroughly missed it’s potential and manages to be both boring and a miserable experience to read.

I’m moving on to the next book in the Twilight series. After such a long break I’m ready to tackle the most angsty book in the entire series, New Moon. 


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